This is a well structured health presentation for corporate organizations and group where we bring health to you. We propose that since companies/groups come together for meetings, motivational sessions, sales training, picnics and other social events, they can as well gather for health; which is the real wealth, bearing in mind that "Without health, everything is nothing!"

We advocate therefore, that organizations and individuals give health its rightful place in their everyday life. This is of utmost concern to us.

You are assured that your organization / staff will find this rare gesture worthy and commendable.

Our team of competent and qualified resource personnel will be on ground to deliver various presentations and re-discovery on topical personal, family and workplace health and management. It is usually highly interactive, informative, inspiring and exciting sessions.

We will work with you on a favourable schedule suitable for your organization.

  • 1. Informed modern preventive health approach to plaguing diseases.
  • 2. Determination of health vitals such as Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rates (BMR), Body Fats Percentage, Actual height and Body Weight.
  • 3. Realistic and workable weight management approach.
  • 4. Increased productivity through improved health
  • 5. Reduction of personal/corporate medical expenses through preventive approach
  • 6. Reduce sickness and absenteeism
  • 7. Healthy lifestyle modification and dieting.

... There will be so much more!