That a vast majority of people, especially in developing countries like ours, Nigeria, undermine the relevance of preventive health care does not change the fact that it is an issue of global concern and importance.

The challenges of living a happier, more productive and fulfilled life due to unforeseen health complications and degenerative diseases is becoming more enormous by the day. This is even more worrisome as occasioned by many puzzling health developments which the medical profession and global disease research institutes are yet to find clues to their causes and cure, thus resulting unproductive life, impoverishment and frustrating deaths.

In view of these worsening health situations and uncertainties about cure, the world of medicine is gradually drifting off the curative approach to a preventive health care. This has undoubtedly been proven to give a greater chance of longevity, sustained health as well as reduce medical expenses and death rates.

Owing to these unarguable facts, Vivabase Global Health is poised to bridge a fundamental gap between health and diseases through preventive health care via health communication, seminars and workshops. Our focus is to take health awareness, information and services to all, especially to corporate organizations, high schools, groups and communities.

Preventive medicine or preventive care consists of measures taken to prevent diseases, (or injuries) rather than curing them or treating their symptoms.

According to Healthy People 2012, health communication is "The art and technique of informing, influencing, and motivating individual, institutional, and public audiences about important health issues."
There is no better time to insure our health through prevention of any form of diseases than now, especially in our challenging society which exposes us to myriad of health issues with little or no income and scarce medical facilities to mitigate them. The helpless and appalling health indices witnessed in and around our immediate communities is a microcosm of the overall national index. The big question is, what are you doing to improve your personal and family health? What do you know to do in cases of unexpected family emergencies when your doctor cannot be reached? The questions are endless! Remember, all you may need to save that loved one/colleague could just be a simple and applied knowledge, unfortunately some health emergencies requires very quick intervention (first aid). When saving a life in involved, every second counts…and every knowledge counts too! This is why we are here!!


The Nigerian health and medical sector has continued to suffer silent setbacks despite the efforts of government. This is largely due to the daily exodus of our health and medical personnel to other countries for greener pastures, the worst hit being the greater percentage of the populace who would have to pay so much to access qualitative health/medical attention from the few hands available, who operate under a harsh economy where cost of running health facilities outweigh the profit margin. Little wonder medical services are expensive!

A submission by the Nigeria’s erstwhile Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu has it that “2,701 doctors trained in Nigeria have left the country to other countries to work in the last four years. Continuing, he added that Nigeria currently posts a poor doctor-patient ratio of 1:3500 against the World Health Organization (WHO) standard of 1:600. Currently, all the medical schools graduate between 3,500 and 4,000 new doctors annually. (Daily Trust, 4th October 2012). One would imagine these figures to the Nigerian population which is growing at an alarming rate by the day.

This ugly trend was according to a former president of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Osahun Enabulele adduced to the deplorable working conditions in the health sector.

This brings us to the issue of private sector participating at all level in ensuring adequate and sustainable health delivery to every Nigerian citizen, thus the birth of VIVABASE GLOBAL HEALTH RESOURCES. We seek to see that every Nigerian adopts the right and informed health and lifestyle approach while taking responsible and informed decision about their life. This will translate into a healthier family, workplace, and community thereby raising the general level of health consciousness, thus actualizing our vision of a viva life for all!