Prospective applicants are advised to bear the following information regarding their choice of study destination in mind. You are advised to contact us for more and other recent updates for the success of your application.
Applicants interested in studying in Australia must present a Test of English qualification to be able to get an offer and apply for a visa. Such tests could be IELTS, PEARSON, TOEFL (Academics). This applies to both Undergraduate and Post Graduate students. Australia may accept self-sponsorship, depending on some factors. Payment of tuition deposit must be made to obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) which is required for visa application. Processing time for a study visa is between 4-8 weeks.
Under our partnership agreement with most partnering institutions in Canada, we are able to get waivers for Test of English qualification for our students interested in studying in Canada. This is made possible at the moment since Test of English is not a strict requirement for visa application. Canadian immigration does not support self-sponsorship by students, by this it implies that students seeking to study in Canada must have a financially viable sponsor to be able to successfully scale through visa application. In addition, Canadian visa application is highly document based. Thus, applicants are advised to properly consider options to this destination. At the moment, the processing time for a study visa to Canada is between 12-16 weeks, as such interested applicants are advised to commence their application earlier enough to be able to meet up with their stipulated resumption for program.
To some extent, students wishing to start or progress with their studies in the United Kingdom stand a better chance, compared with other destinations provided they play by the school/immigration rules. Most postgraduate programs are available for one year duration. Nigeria shares a common education system as the UK. Although visa application lasts an average of 3-4 weeks, there are options of expedited visa which can make visas issued within 5 working days, depending on the urgency of resumption.
Studying in the USA can be a straight forward process if applicants are properly guided, and provided all the requirements are met as stipulated. Applicants are required to make deposit payment for issuance of their I-20 which would back up their visa application for interview at the embassy. In conclusion, meeting us for a proper counseling and starting your application several months earlier would give us an ample time to properly guide and follow up on you to ensure a successful application. Every application is unique, so we advise you seek the services of professionals to avert unnecessary waste of time and resources in this quest.