"There is no foreign land. It is the traveller only who is foreign."- Robert Louis Stevenson.

At Vivabase Travels & Tours, we seek to simplify the entire process of discovering the world by providing our clients with professional visa counseling and packaging to make their dream trip a reality. Mindful of the fact that every travel destination has its peculiar demands, we are well equipped with up to date information that would most certainly, besides other factors, give our client a visa success.

Countries regularly modify or effect a complete change to their immigration rules for intending visitors and tourists. Whereas there are several interesting travel destinations, you need the services of experienced travel consultants as us to be able to decipher which destinations are more immigration friendly (at the time of applying), safer and would accommodate your financial and social status.

In addition, there are a number of documentations to put right ahead of submitting a visa application to the embassy. Thus, we advise intending travelers to contact us ahead of time for an eligibility chat and advice, several months prior to their application.

As our policy is, we are never in a hurry to submit any visa application but would always insist, as much as possible, that all requirements are fulfilled before approval for submission to the embassy.

Our main visa application destinations are:
  • 1. Canada
  • 2. United States of America
  • 3. Australia
  • 4. United Kingdom
  • 5. Europe

Through trusted partnership and collaboration, we also provide visa counseling and packaging for other countries like:
  • 1. United Arab Emirates
  • 2. South Africa and Other African Countries
  • 3. The Caribbean

Whichever is your chosen destination, be assured of our best and satisfactory services always!