What most people battling with the frustration of being overweight / obese are yet to realize is the fact that “maintaining a healthy body weight is a lifelong game only enjoyed and constantly won by those who have mastered the hidden secrets.” The Understanding that stainable weight loss is a complete lifestyle change, not a 12 week eating plan, is very important since we would always need to eat to live.

However not disputing the place of low calorie eating plan to achieve an initial faster weight loss, in our years of experience in dealing with weight loss clients, we have come to a practical understanding that the right follow up to the initial progress achieved remains the missing link to a fulfilled program. Again, that a single plan and approach do not work for everyone, thereby necessitating individualistic approach. Sustaining and making more progress while on any weight loss program requires every bit of encouragement and follow up counseling.

As trusted professionals and experts in weight management, we have pulled our wealth of knowledge and many years of experience into Vivabase Weight Management to help put an end to your long search for an effective, realistic and sustainable weight loss. Our program is very simple and realistic, yet highly rewarding.

Often times, people embark on weight loss programs solely interested in their weight on the scale and reduction in body/dress sizes without any due attention to their health. A good weight management approach puts into consideration other vital aspects of our health and well being.

At VIVABASE, we ensure that vital parameters for successful and sustained weight loss are monitored on a regular basis. Some of these body vitals include:
  • 1. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • 2. Body Fat Percentage
  • 3. Body Water Percentage
  • 4. Body muscles Percentage
  • 5. Calories
  • 6. Activity Level

We also ensure that you get healthier on our program through improved digestion. The body cells do not recognize foods but nutrients; thus proper digestion, absorption and assimilation of food nutrients is very important for maintaining a functional and healthy body balance. Cellular nutrition brings about healthier tissues, organs and systems thereby fostering the much needed optimum health while losing weight.

  • 1. PERSONALIZED FOLLOW-UP: Your progress as you sign up for our weight loss program is entirely our business. Thus, we assign a weight Therapist to you whose responsibility is to see that you follow program regimen as recommended and also ensure your success on program. This is achieved through regularly follow up calls for encouragement, advices and reminders. Our phone lines are open at all times 24/7 so that you can also reach us whenever in need for further clarifications.
  • 2. FREE HEALTH CONSULTATIONS: In collaboration with our medical professionals, we offer free health advice/counseling via e-mails and voice call. Signing up as our client also entitles you to a free on-line advice for a second opinion on any health/medical issues with our medical adviser.
  • 3. MEAL COUNSELING: We will constantly be in touch, advising and recommending to you meals that are best for you bearing in mind one key factor for health, healthy nutrition.
  • 4. MEAL PLAN: Frustrated and confused about the right meal for your and family at the next meal? You can rely on our thoroughly researched and tested meal plan to keep the whole family feeling good and healthy.
  • 5. IMPROVED HEALTH: Our products are highly potent and trusted by health professionals to guarantee and boost your health without any health/medical complications. They are formulated to international standards by reputable healthcare manufacturers.
  • 6. DETOXIFICATION: Toxins slow down systemic functions and metabolism. Our bodies are constantly weighed down with accumulation of toxin of different sources like aerosols, water, chemical pollutants, environment etc. These cause a lot of stress to our organ and entire systems. With our range of products you are assured of adequate detoxification and elimination of free radicals from cell, tissues, and organs.
  • 7. HOME SERVICE: Upon request, we relieve you of the stress of worrying about how to reach us for start of program or follow up. With our mobile equipments, we meet you at location suitable for you at reasonable times of the day.
  • 8. REFERRAL REWARD: In our own little way of saying “thank you”, we ensure that you are rewarded for everyone you refer on our program.
  • 9. HEALTH CLUB: Signing up for our weight management program automatically gives you an added advantage of being a proud member of VIVAFIT HEALTH CLUB. A Platform where our clients meet to share their successes and challenges. This forum also provides our clients the opportunity to socialize, network and listen to free presentations on topical health issues by the Vivabase team. We periodically embark on outdoor exercises and walk to promote fitness and healthy living.
  • 10. E-HEALTH: One of the benefits enjoyed by our clients is the privilege of receiving free and regular health tips and messages via SMS and E-mails.
  • 11. SUCCESS REWARD: We reward clients who meet their weight loss target at the end stipulated duration. This is our own way of saying well-done and you can do more!